About Us

About Promona

Promona UAB was established in 2014 and specializes in oil and gas industry planning and installation.

  • Oil industry
  • Food industry
  • Heat production and supply industry
  • Electricity generation industry
  • Gas supply/distribution industry
  • Chemical industry
  • And other industries


The main proposed service is the execution
of the project by EPC template.

Scope of service:
• Pumps, heatexchangers, process towers, drums installation
• Civil works
• Process and power pipings
• Instrumentation and electrical


The discipline of engineering is extremely broad, and encompasses a range of more specialized fields of engineering. 


The process includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment.


An architect normally manages the job, and a construction manager, design engineer, construction engineer or project manager supervises it. 


Main policy of Promona is meeting the highest safety standards.
Our services depend on safety and it is crucial to understand industrial risks and be rigorous and systematic in applying safety rules.

We won awards for being one of the fastest growing company in Lithuania