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About us

Promona design engineering systems, networks, industrial facilities – oil and petroleum products in refineries, petroleum product supply chains, gas stations, installs and maintains fuel storage tanks, pumping stations, chemical cleaning systems, other technical equipment.

We won awards for being one of the fastest growing company in Lithuania


Installation, maintenance and servicing of static equipment

Promona ensures the quality of static equipment installation, repair and maintenance.

Piping systems

Piping systems planning, installation and maintenance.

Pressure vessels and heatexchangers

It is in different shapes, cylindrical components, which can be bent and outlet.


At the moment, different industry sectors use 100 methods of welding.

Process towers, reactors

Promona makes and constructs process towers and reactors taking into account the individual requirements.

Heating/cooling equipment

Experience in the development of heating and cooling equipment in industrial facilities.


Promona is an expanding company, so we are looking for new employees and professionals. We ensure safe and high-class working conditions. Continuous learning and the exchange of knowledge in our everyday life is integral part.